Customized Fat Loss Review
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Customized Fat Loss Review – Eat & Train for your Body Type

Everybody like to be fit and in shape. But that’s hardly the case even if you eat right and workout. For the most part, everyone has certain problem areas in their body where they’d like to be able to get rid of that extra layer of stubborn fat that just won’t go away.

So what if there’s a way to custom design your workout and diet program so that it fits your specific body type. This way you’ll be able to finally get rid of the trouble areas. Here’s where Kyle Leon’s Customized Fat Loss program comes it.


What is Customized Fat Loss?

The program is created to fit your workout and diet to who you are. This way it delivers what your body needs and is able to work on those “problem area” where residual fat doesn’t seem to want to go away despite hours of working out.

The system takes into account your weight, height, age and metabolism to configure how you train and what your diet plan is. It also takes into customizes the nutrition plan to your body type. This way it is able to target the fat away.

Understanding Your Body Type

At the core of Kyle Leon’s fat loss program is one’s body type. The program guides you so that you can figure out what body type you have. And from there, a custom fat loss eating and workout program are used that fit your specific body type.

To understand what this is we go look into the different somatotypes. Simply put it just refers to the different types of bodies people are born with. Like it or not when you are born, you fall under one of the 3 main somatotypes (body types), or for some people a combination of 2 of the 3 body types.

The 3 main body types are:

  1. Ectomorph – of the 3 body types this one has the slightest build. You’re an ectomorph if you’re naturally skinny, have small joints and have a difficult time gaining weight. Because they have fast metabolism they don’t have problems losing weight and you won’t see many of them struggling with their weight. Their primary goal often has to do with gaining weight and muscle, so less cardio is needed and a larger amount of food.
  2. Mesomorph – these are those who have naturally gifted physiques. They are born with a large skeletal structure and easily gain muscle even with little training. These make excellent athletes and don’t have issues with building muscle. They also only need to do light cardio to stay fit.
  3. Endomorph – they are naturally larger with thicker legs and arms. They gain weight easily and store a good amount of fat. This makes them prone to gaining too much weight if diet and exercise aren’t incorporated into their lifestyles. For Endomorphs, cardio is needed to help them stay fit due to slower metabolism.

A Closer Look at the Program

Inside the program you’ll receive the following items.

  1. Complete CFL Program. A short PDF guide that provides an introduction to the program. It explains the different aspects of the system and explains also the importance of knowing your body type.
  2. Guide to Finding Your Body Type. This guide covers 6 different body types which include the 3 main types mentioned above, along with the 3 other types that arise from combining 2 of the 3 major types. The guide helps you figure out which type you are so that you can use it to build your workout.
  3. 12 Week Customized Training Program. Here’s where understanding what body type you have starts to pay off. The training program included covers 12 weeks. There are different workouts for men and women. Plus they are each customized based on the body type as well as the age, weight and height of the user. This gives you a workout plan that’s build for you.
  4. Supplementation Guide. These list out the different supplements Kyle Leon recommends to those using the program. The supplements are available in his site.
  5. Peak in a Week. This is a special extra that’s included in the package. It is a quick one week guide that will help you get in beach body and bikini shape.


The Customized Fat Loss program is a simple, easy to follow system that fits the training and diet to who you are. It does not let you do any of the complicated exercise routines or starvation diets. There are a number of options for each area where you choose what fits you better. By focusing your eating and workouts to what your body is, the program helps you lose fast quicker.

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