Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review
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Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review – Lose Weight Fast

A lot of us want to lose a lot of weight quickly. The reality of it is, doing something like that just ins’t easy to do. It is possible but you should be willing to make sacrifices and put effort into it. The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is one such program that can deliver a large amount of fat loss in a short amount of time.

But be warned, its name says it all. It is an extreme diet and not something that everyone is willing to do. It isn’t also for everybody, since it takes a bit more sacrifice than the usual weight loss diet programs.

What is the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet?

This is a 25 day program that’s designed to help you drop a lot of pounds in that period. The system is based on a recurring 5 day cycle that you repeat over 5 times. Each of the meal plans for the different days are different and are scheduled beforehand. This means you already know what to expect for the next day and can prepare for it.

The program also includes a cheat day in each of the 5 day cycles. So in total you’re dieting 20 of the 25 days while on the program. The other 5 days are cheat days where you can eat what you want.

This weight loss diet also comes with a specified exercise program which is customized for each of the days. Fat Loss Diet

How Does the Meal Plan Work?

The most important part of the diet is the schedule of the day’s meal plans. You’ll need to follow this to get results. The package includes the 25 day meal plan and recipes which makes it easier. A number of the days will require making and drinking smoothies as well as getting a few supplements.

Day 1: Cheat Day

This is something new. How often do you see a weight loss program that begins with a cheat day? On cheat days you can eat anything. This lets you skip from the other diet days and feeds the body. On Day 1, you also do a specific exercise routine that’s designed to go in combination with this day.

Day 2: Fast Day

After loading up of food and priming up your body on day 1, day 2 goes the opposite way. On this day, you fast and drink a lot of BCAAs which are Branch Chain Amino Acids.

Day 2 helps you burn off the calories from the previous day. Lose Weight Fast

Day 3: Shake Day

Shake day aims to replenish the body with proteins that will help it recover from yesterday’s fasting day. It prepares you to get back to eating regular food which will happen on Day 4.

During these days, you’ll be creating different types of shakes including those that are a combination of protein and carbs, and also protein and fats. The books include shake and smoothie recipes you can follow.

Day 4: Moderate Carb Day

On this day, you go back to eating more regular type meals. The program will specify a more common meal where you get protein, carbs and fats. In total you’ll be eating 5 times a day and the meal plans are specified in the books.

This gives you the energy and replenishes the body for the workouts to be done. Lose belly fat

Day 5: Protein Only Day

On this day, you’re limited to protein only. You will also take some supplements to give your body the nutrients it needs. This is the last day of the cycle, and after this you go back to day 1, which is cheat day.

Benefits of the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet

You will lose a lot of weight fast. In the 25 days, expect to see significant fat loss thanks to the program. So it works.

The program cycle is short at 5 days. This gives you a quick way to go through the days and get to the cheat day. This makes it easier to stay on the program since you feel satisfied and not deprived for too long.

The exercise programs are designed to fit each specific day. This helps you get the most out of the program. It also makes sure that you’re not overdoing any exercises without enough nourishment to feed your body.


It is a very challenging workout that’s not for everyone. The days are very specific and some people may not be able to go through with the more extreme fast days.

Review Conclusion

The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is a program that works. It is short at 25 days and lets you shed a lot of pounds. If you want to do it more than once you can, just put a 4 week interval where you eat normally during the those 4 weeks before starting another round.

It takes things to the extreme on some of the days, but that’s what it was designed for and the authors specify that at the beginning of the program.

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