Six Pack Abs Review

Total Six Pack Abs Review – Get that Flat Stomach

So you want to get yourself a set of 6 pack abs. The question really is what does it take to get them and why doesn’t everyone have them. The answer is simple, it isn’t that easy. It requires discipline and effort.

But more important than that, it requires knowing what you need to do. Doing the wrong thing even if you’re totally committed won’t get you abs, or even a flat stomach.

So what then should we do? That’s what the Total Six Pack Abs Program sets out to clarify.

What is the Total Six Pack Abs Program?

This is what bodybuilders and weightlifters call a cutting program. This program is often used as a fat loss phase where they get rid of any excess fat to get them ready and looking ripped for a bodybuilding competition, magazine photo shoot or even just going to the beach.

The goal of the program is to get lean, and reveal your six pack in a shorter amount of time. Total Six Pack Abs focuses on dietary changes that are necessary to shed fat. It complements this with a resistance training program and some cardio to do so.

To make life easier, the system uses a set of formulas and calculators to help users know how much to eat. This eliminates the need of having to manually calculate them yourself, something I hate doing. The calculators will compute not only the number of calories, but also how much protein, carbs and fats you should be getting in your meals to achieve that six pack.

What’s in the Package?

The Main Book

The book goes through the different things to consider and need to understand when you want to achieve your six pack.

  • It discusses why diet is most important thing, even more important than exercise.
  • It also explains the difference between body weight and body composition. And that one is more important than the other if you’re looking to be healthy.
  • The book then provides us with information on how fat loss occurs in the body. Understanding this better will help us keep it off in the future.
  • There is a section on getting the proper macronutrients from your meals, and why this is very important for health and getting a flat belly.
  • What caloric restriction means and how to go about doing it.
  • Towards the latter part of the book, carbs are discussed. Things like what is low carb, sample meal plans, and which carbs to limit when you’re trying to achieve a flat stomach.
  • The end lists the training program and cardio to be used.

Calorie Counting Software

This software is included and very helpful in making quick computations on how much we need to eat to lose the fat. It also breaks down the different amounts of protein, fats and carbs to have in this diet.

Six Pack Calculator

This is a unique calculator where you can input your current weight and body fat percentage. From there is it able to give you an estimate timetable of how long it will take you to achieve a six pack if you eat and exercise properly.

Our Review


  • There are no explanation or science behind the workouts. They are listed out only. It would have been better to explain why were doing such a workout and how it helps us lose belly fat.
  • The book does not explain the eating method. This means we just follow the process but won’t be able to adapt it to our needs in the future.


  • The program targets fat loss that leads to abs. It tells us how the process is done and what we need to do in both our diets and fitness.
  • The book explains the science of fat loss and focuses on getting the diet right, which are very important for any weight loss program.
  • It works for both men and women.
  • The software and calculators are very helpful and convenient. You won’t need to compute things manually every time you want to prepare meal plans.


This is a program that’s designed for those looking to lose their belly fat and have their 6 pack. It is similar to the Truth About Abs, though we prefer that one because of its thoroughness and practicality. This system does work but there are still some blanks you need to fill in yourself along the way.

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