Blood Pressure Solution Review

Blood Pressure Solution Review – Lower Your BP without Medication

Taking Your Blood PressureHigh blood pressure is one of the biggest health problems in the world today. In the United States the problem continues to grow as the Western lifestyle promotes eating large quantities of food including junk food and soda. To add to this, we now spend most of our time sitting down thanks to the multitude of digital gadgets and computers available.

When it comes to treatment, everyone wants a quick fix. And there’s nothing quicker than popping a pill to try and fix the problem.

But taking prescription medication isn’t always the best solution to all health issues. And there are many natural ways out there that do just as good. For controlling blood pressure you can turn to a variety of ways to lower your BP naturally. This is what the Blood Pressure Solution book offers.

What is Blood Pressure Solution?

Our review looks at the book and its 7 chapters. While the main goal of the book and bulk of its contents focus on giving us simple very actionable steps to naturally lower blood pressure levels, it goes through the different basics and information first. You may skip the first part and go straight the the treatments section to see what you need to do to for your high BP.

But don’t forget to return to the earlier chapters. The earlier chapters explain all the different things about blood pressure. Knowing this helps you spot certain signs and change things in your life so you can avoid it all together.

A Look Inside the Book

The book is broken down into chapters and each of them focus on one aspect of this condition. It starts off by giving us the risks and facts about blood pressure and why making sure we have it at normal levels is important.

It them moves on the the causes and what doctors will often do when you are diagnosed with high blood pressure. Finally, the book takes you through very actionable steps in dealing with the condition. The treatments and remedies on the list are based on natural methods which helps eliminate the possibilities of side effects.

Dangers of High Blood Pressure

This section of the pdf book talks about the hidden risks of having high blood pressure. The issue here is two fold. One it often does not show any symptoms so unless you get checked using a BP monitor at home or in the doctor’s clinic, you may not be aware you have high BP.

The other risk with this condition is because it affects how blood goes through our blood vessels, all our organs are affected by it. The excessive amount of pressure in the blood if not treated and left alone for long periods of time will eventually damage you kidneys. It is also one of the leading causes of heart problems. One lesser known effect of high BP is it can damage the eyes and your vision.

The book covers a number of different other health risks associated with uncontrolled blood pressure.

Understanding High Blood Pressure

Once you know the risk, it then goes on to explain what blood pressure is, along with how to read your numbers. When the doctor or electronic monitor gives you the results, it will come in two numbers, the systolic and diastolic. One number is on the top, the other on the bottom. In general you want to keep your BP at 120/80 or below. This is read as 120 over 80. Both numbers are important and understanding what it is and how your daily behavior affects it allows us to prevent and control it so it always stays in the normal healthy levels.

Common Causes

The middle chapters explain known causes of high BP. This covers a short list but it is very valuable to know the things that can trigger or cause the condition in the long term. That way you can take steps beforehand to prevent it from even happening.

With this condition it is much easier to prevent it rather than try to treat it later on, since some instances depending on how your body reacts aren’t as controllable as others.

The Healthcare Industry’s Answer

Here, the book reviews what doctors and the healthcare industry does for patients whose blood pressure levels need to be managed. There are a number of different things and a lot of medications available. But do keep in mind that many of the blood pressure medications do carry side effects, so many doctors will encourage you to take natural methods and change your lifestyle first before trying medicine to treat high blood pressure.

Simple to Implement Strategies for High BP

This is the most important part for anyone who’s looking to lower their blood pressure levels. It goes through a comprehensive system of things you can do and simple steps you can take to fix and permanently cure your high blood pressure.

Natural Ways of Controlling Your Blood Pressure

Below are the 6 pillars outlined in the book. Blood Pressure Solutions takes us through each of the 6 things step by step. All except for taking supplements and vitamins are based on natural methods. The thing I like about the list is that they are all very small things we can easily change or add into our lifestyle which can make huge improvements in blood pressure scores.

  1. Adjusting your diet. The main culprit for high BP in the western diet is sodium. Sodium increases blood pressure. It is better known as salt, and is present in a lot of ingredients and condiments including soy sauce and ketchup. Controlling this is the first thing to do. The book also goes through different types of foods and how they affect your BP levels. Then follows that with a list of foods that are healthy you can include in your diet.
  2. Eating the right supplements. This section goes through the different vitamins and minerals you can take to lower your BP levels. These don’t include medicines and are mostly herbs, vitamins and minerals like calcium and magnesium.
  3. Lowering your body fat. Being overweight and having a large waistline increase your risk of getting blood pressure problems. By losing weight and lowering your body fat levels you’ll help lower your risk for this disease.
  4. Exercising regularly. The book also explains and shows some exercises you can do. These do not require going to a gym or buying workout equipment. All you need is your own body weight and you’ll be able to help get leaner, lose weight, improve your cardiovascular health and BP.
  5. Reducing stress. It also offers different tips lower stress, including meditation. Breathing exercise along with other stress reduction methods are shown here.
  6. Getting rid of toxins. Aside from our diet and lack of exercise, other lifestyle behaviors like drinking alcohol excessively and smoking contribute to the problem. Ridding yourself of these toxins are a quick way of improving things.

Other Materials Included

The set also throws in a few other useful books that will help you manage and cure high blood pressure. These include:

  • 99 Foods to Naturally Lower Blood Pressure
  • Reading a Food Label
  • How to take your BP at home


The Blood Pressure Solution is a comprehensive coverage of a common health issue that can actually be prevented and cured by using natural methods. By making small changes in your lifestyle you can fix your high blood pressure and bring it back to normal levels to prevent risks of other health issues. The book lays out the solutions in actionable steps anyone can follow and do right away.

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