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Old School New Body Review – Get Fit after 35

I’ll just come right out and say it, growing old isn’t what it’s cut out to be. I remember when we were kids all we could think about was growing up and how it would be great to be able to do things we wanted and no one had to tell us what we could and couldn’t do. What we didn’t know then was while all that was true, it was also true that after a certain age our bodies start to turn against us.

We’re not the same youthful 20 year old who could stay up all night and hang out with friends or keep traveling without feeling our bodies it after a few consecutive trips.

How did I get here? I’m 37 years old. I feel good and healthy. But a nearly a year ago, a few of my old college friends flew into town and invited me for a pick up game of basketball. Sure why not, I used to play a lot, even a few years after college, and I still exercise a bit. Long story short, it was a bad idea. I was winded like I had asthma after 3 or 4 trips down the court, and worse yet, the next day was horrible. I had aches and pains all over, and it wasn’t because I got injured.

Searching for the Right Training Program

This is when I figured out that I was not in any type of shape at all, and I needed something to fix this. After asking around and searching on the web through the fitness sites, I realized that almost all the workouts were for mostly 3 types of individuals. The young, the beginner (and still young), and the professionals (really fit and strong guys).

There wasn’t much for guys like me. The middle aged guy who needed to get back in shape or get better in terms of fitness. After a long time scouring around I did find a program I thought would fit my needs. It was Old School New Body.

What is Old School New Body?

My review begins with a look into what the program is all about. For me, these are the three main concepts that made me pick it:

  • It is a workout built for individuals, who are 35 years and older. Men and women have different workouts. So I could use it, my wife could use it.
  • It aims to improve both the way we look and feel. After my game of pick up basketball I knew I needed this.
  • It takes around an hour and a half of exercise every week.

Simply put as we get older, our body changes and we have to adapt to things. We can’t eat that much food as we did when we were teens or in our twenties because our metabolism just isn’t as fast anymore. The same way we can’t do heavy impact exercises regularly because our limbs and joints just aren’t as strong as they used to. Then we have families and responsibilities that take up a lot of our time. At least this was me. So the program fit both where I was physically and also my schedule.

An Inside Look at the Training Program

When it comes to the actual workout program, the sessions are based on doing 4 exercises for that day. This is why they termed the F4X program. The F4X system is broken down into 3 phases, and I began with the easiest phased and workout myself up to the last phase. Actually each of the phases had their own purpose, so you’re fixing an aspect of your fitness bit by bit. Here’s an explanation of each:

1. F4X Lean

This is phase 1. The goal of this phase it to whip us back into shape. It includes both a training program and a diet plan, both of which are important to get the results. The end result is losing weight. Vertical Jump Programm

What I liked about this part is it doesn’t try to throw you into a complicated program, and lets you adjust into it. While my initial goal was to get into better shape I was surprised to realize that I did lose a lot of extra softness in the tummy area.

2. F4X Shape

This is phase 2. If you’re happy with the weight loss and getting back in leaner form from phase 1 then you can stop there. But if you want to add back solid muscle then the Shape Phase is something to go on with.

Make no mistake we’re not talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone muscles here. Instead it’s about getting lean, toned form that fills in your body. This makes you look better than when you’re just slim. The added bonus of having more muscle is they burn more fat.

3. F4X Build

This is the 3rd phase. Finally, this is where things are taken up a notch. The Build Phase will pack on 15 to 20 lbs. of muscle to make us stronger and bigger. Again this consists of different workout routines and nutrition from the other phases.

Things They Could Improve on

  • I’ve used the gym over the years but by no means an intermediate trainee. So many of the exercises were new to me or I was unsure of how to properly do. Video demonstration and instructional of the exercises would be a very useful addition.

Things I Benefited from

  • The Old School New Body program was designed for my age. There was no excessive lifting, training till you puke or drop, and nothing heavy on the joints or could risk injury. This made me feel safe and know I could finish everything.
  • It required only a short amount of time. I didn’t have to spend hours working out. I work and want to come home to spend time with my kids. So spending less time and getting results was important for me.
  • It made me lose fat, get fitter and stronger and I definitely look better in the mirror.

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