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MI40X Review – Gain Muscle Mass Faster

MI40XEverybody wants to be ripped and have a great looking body. And anyone who’s spent time in the gym will tell you that it takes time to get a good physique much less look like a bodybuilder. So what if there’s a way to speed up that process without taking any of the supplements or other substances?

This is what the MI40X is all about. It is an innovating training system that aims to help bodybuilding trainees gain the muscle mass they want in a shorter amount of time. The MI40X is a training system, so you’ll be doing it in the gym along with your workouts.

What is MI40X?

MI40X stands for MI40 Xtreme. This is a muscle building system that you can use to help increase size in shorter periods of time. By adding an extra few minutes to your workouts and using what’s called CEP training you’ll be able to enhance muscle progress.

CEP stands for Cell Expansion Protocol. This training is very specific to different body parts and takes around 4 minutes to do. The key to the system is to add the CEP training principle to your workouts and see more gains.

MI40X was developed by Ben Pakulski who is an IFBB professional bodybuilder. He has won a number of bodybuilding competitions and placed highly in a few prestigious ones including the Arnold Classic.

What’s Included in the Program?

Included in the MI40 Xtreme package is an entire set of books and guides that explain the system and the science of the technique. It also provides nutritional guides along with the exercise guides. Xtreme fat loss diet

Here are the books you get with the package:

  1. 7 Day Primer Phase – This book along with the Detox Diet book serve to be as primers for the actual training. They are designed to be 7 days and ideally done before beginning the actual MI40-X system. In this primer phase, the proper execution of the exercises are taught. Getting correct lifting form is the main focus. You’ll be using this in conjunction with the exercise video guides so you know you’re doing the exercises correctly.
  2. 7 Day Detox Diet – for 7 days before getting into the MI40-X, you’ll want to also prep your body for what’s to come. Here you are told how much to each, when to eat and what to eat. It is designed to have your body be fully prepared and rid of the unwanted toxins so it can get the fully benefits of MI40X.
  3. MI40 CEP Rapid Start Action Plan – is a short 5 minute video that will get you quickly started on the system. It guides you through the CEP training so you can get started quickly.
  4. CEP Practical Application Guide – read this together with the nutrition guide. Together they explain how to apply the theory explained in the video. This lets you start using it for yourself.
  5. Nutrition Guide – a simple guide that explains the nutrition and diet required to get the mass gains. It covers what you need to do and change in your nutrition.
  6. Supplement Guide – this guide narrows down the supplements that are important and useful. It saves you money from spending time and cash on the ones that don’t really help you. The supplement book also guides you on when to take what supplements for optimal results.
  7. FAQ Guide – here’s where they answer common questions about the system as well muscle building in general. It’s a much faster way than scouring the internet for answers.
  8. Workout Sheets – these are printable workout logs for the 3 workout levels. Use them and fill them out as you workout so you can look back and monitor your training.
  9. The Exercise Execution Guide – the guide goes through step by step instructions on how to perform the exercises in the training program. Make sure you learn how to do them properly. This will help prevent injuries and ensure that you get the results from your workouts.
  10. The CEP Training Blueprint – the blueprint goes through some of the things that you should avoid to make the muscle gains you want. There are many misconceptions and wrong things being taught on the web and the blueprint goes through them.


The MI40 Xtreme system uses it own unique CEP training to quicken the muscle building process. By including it into your workouts you add another few minutes to gain more muscle. It is simple, straightforward and helps get you where you want to be.

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