Carb Backloading Review
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Carb Backloading Review – Have Your Carbs & Lose Weight Too

Any time people start talking about weight loss or fat loss and dieting, one of the first things that we hear is carbs. Carbs is short for carbohydrates. This is a group that includes foods like bread, rice pasta and a lot of others. Carbs is also present in a lot of other foods like fruits.

For the most part, thinking is if you are able to control the amount of carbs and fats you consume, you’ll be able to lose more weight. The question is however, why are athletes known to eat foods like pizza and ice cream even when they need to be in shape.

What is Carb Back Loading?

This is where our Carb Backloading review comes in. The diet, formulated by John Kiefer is based on years of research based on his science background. And from his studies he was able to conclude that eating the right amount of carbs during the right time of day makes all the difference in being able to lose fat and even gain muscle.

The concept of carb back loading can be summarized this way. Limit your carb intake during the earlier parts of the day. Just as importantly, the carbohydrates you eat during these times should be the healthy ones like whole wheat and not the refined one.

Then during the later times of the day, you make up for the low carb intake by consuming carbohydrates late in the afternoon or at night. This will replenish your levels and feed the muscle growth as well as help in losing fat.

This system has become popular in the power lifting and bodybuilding community because it works in helping these athletes lose the fat and gain muscle. It’s also why you’ll hear a lot of those who are into bodybuilding dispute staying away from carbs and argue with those who tell people to ‘stay away’ or ‘be afraid’ of consuming carbohydrates when they want to lose weight.

Carb Backloading Meal Plan

1. Limit Carbs in the Morning. This means that you’ll be eating little to no carbs in during the earlier times of the day. For those into the diet programs, this makes carb back-loading kind of all under the category of some sort of intermittent fasting. Though here, you get to limit your carbs to 30 grams before your training session. When you do eat carbs, remember to consume the healthy ones like nuts, vegetables and nuts.

2. You can take in protein shakes. When it comes to beverages, drink those thatare low in carbohydrates and sugar free.

3. Your training session is like the pivotal part of the day. Here’s where the eating plan starts to change. As much as possible, try to schedule your training to late in the afternoon as close as possible to around 5 P.M. This specific time is chosen by based on the rise and fall of insulin levels in the body’s fat and muscle cells. The levels are higher during the morning and drops later in the afternoon.

4. No more than 30 minutes after your workout session, you start eating food. You will then start to carb load within an hour after. It is during the time after exercise that the carbs will play a role in replenishing the muscle cells.

5. In his system, John Kiefer says you can eat all the carbohydrates you want. This includes all your favorite junk food including chips, fries. You can go ahead and eat pizza, pasta and other carb-filled foods. As great as the last step sounds. You’ll want to be careful with going overboard with it. Unhealthy food is still unhealthy food no matter what scientific eating method you put into it. So it would be a good idea to eat healthier carb laden foods instead of the commercial, restaurant prepared ones. Eat Stop Eat Review

6. Off Days. When it comes to non-training days or off-days as many bodybuilders will call them, you don’t carb back-load. This rule is simple. If you don’t lift on that day, you don’t need to do the diet. Just use it on days you do lift.


Carb Backloading has been shown to be very effective in helping athletes lose fat and weight. This is why it has been the basis of some other successful fat loss programs like the Renegade Diet.

It cycles you through periods of the day when you do a low carb diet and then shift to one where you load up on the carbohydrates. This allows you to enjoy the foods you like to eat and not deprive yourself of them, and still make your weight goals. The one thing to remember is not to abuse the junk food and do too much overeating as it will ultimately affect your results.

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