Workout Finishers 2.0 Review
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Workout Finishers 2.0 Review

Workout Finishers Book
Workout Finishers Book

Workout finishers are exercises that are added to the end of a training session to stimulate either more muscle or fat loss. They are a great alternative to having to get on a treadmill to burn off the extra calories, which is what a lot of people do.

In this Workout Finishers review we take a look at Mike Whitfield’s 2nd edition of his top selling exercise system.

What is Workout Finishers 2.0?

This is less of a program but more of a system. In short this is not a complete workout program instead something you can add on to the end of your current training regimen to speed up the fat loss process.

If you’re interested in complete metabolic fat burning workouts you can take a look at the bonus programs included in the package which are Metabolic Chaos and Finishers Aggression workouts. These are geared towards fat loss. Alternatively you can also look at the Customized Fat Loss and Suspension Revolution programs we reviewed.

What Mike Whitfield offers is a large set of finishing exercises that you can add after you’ve done your current workout. You can use these instead of getting on a treadmill to get rid of the stubborn fat. The variety and movements make them a lot more effective and definitely less boring than the repetitive running on a treadmill. Plus, they take much less time to complete.

The exercises don’t require any equipment except dumbbells and other basic ones. There are body weight exercises also listed that can be used as substitutes.

What You Get in the Package

  1. Density Finishers – this set of exercises relies on what Mike Whitfield refers to a MDT, or metabolic density training. This is the process of doing more reps in a short amount of time. Some of the finishers here can be done in as little as 3 minutes, but are very effective in inducing fat loss.
  2. Metabolic Circuit Finishers – in contrast to the density finishers, these workout finishers is done by combining 3 or more exercises and doing them one after the other. This quick process of alternating between exercises are what’s called circuits. They last for under 10 minutes and are done in quick succession which is effective when trying to lose unwanted fat and weight.
  3. Ladder Finishers – with these ladder workouts, you’ll start with lower weights and lift till failure, and slowly go up in weight doing less and less reps.
  4. Gauntlet Finishers – based on Craig Ballantyne’s system, in this gauntlet part of the program you perform exercises at a higher level than what you’re body is used to. This helps it torch fat faster than how it regularly would.
  5. Superset Finishers – in this finishing routine, you combine different exercises and perform them one after another making the body work harder in a short amount of time.
  6. Finishers Exercise Library – this is a PDF book that lays out all the different exercises and shows you how they are properly done. The images make them easier to understand and follow.

The different types of finishing styles let you keep the body guessing which is essential to avoid getting into plateaus or periods where you don’t get any results from your workouts.

Bonus Finishers Included

  • 10 Upper Body Finishers
  • 10 Lower Body Finishers

The finishers and workouts below come with full videos that you can follow along to.

Bonus Workouts Included

As mentioned earlier, the finishers are routines you can integrate into your current or your favorite workouts. They don’t stand alone on their own. If you want complete workouts here are a couple bonus workout programs included in the set. The are both geared for losing fat, one is a shorter 7 day program while the other is a longer 4 week program.

  • Metabolic Chaos (4 week program)
  • Finishers Aggression (7 day program)

Nutrition Plans

To cap off the this training system are a couple of books that will help you get your workout nutrition in order. The 7 Day Crank Start plan gives you meals that are already set up and ready. All you need to do is follow the plans. This is great for those starting out.

  • 7 Day Crank Start Done For You Meal Plans
  • Finishers Lifestyle And Nutrition Plan

For Those Who Prefer Short Workouts

Finisher Express Workouts – these include 21 minute fat burning workouts. They are short and designed to help rid you of the excess fat. These are excellent for busy schedules but still want to get their training in.

Our Review of Mike Whitfield’s Workout Finishers 2.0

The Pluses

  • The finisher routines are quick to do. They can be added to the end of your current training program. This lets you stick to your favorite or current training program and add the finishers at the end.
  • It beats getting on the treadmill for long periods which can be boring. This is a more effective and interesting way to burn fat.
  • The number of new finishers available is great. Lots of different choices and methods you can use. The added plus is you can customize the finishers by putting together different finishing exercises yourself.
  • The set also includes step by step videos that allows you to follow along and do the exercises.
  • As with all effective training plans, it includes meal plans and an explanation of the nutrition schedule that will help you achieve your goals.
  • There are a lot of information lots of different books. By reading the differences between the different types of finishers you also get to learn how to program your own workouts.
  • Most of the routines are done in 10 minutes or less. This makes them fast and saves you time you otherwise would spend on a cardio machine. It helps you avoid overtraining.

The Minuses

  • Lots of information in the books.  This is also in the Pros sections but can be a negative due to information overload. For me, start with the main books, these are the 5 pdf books on the finishers. Go through them thoroughly and understand the differences between the types of finishers. Also use the video to see how they are properly executed. Skip the other books and bonuses till you’ve mastered the main books then go through those.

Final Words

Doing cardio after a weight training session is flat out boring and takes a long time to get done. But something has to be done to stimulate the fat loss. A solution that takes much less time and is effective is using different finishers at the end. There are many different ways to program these into your workout and Mike Whitfield lays them out to make things simple.

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