6 Minutes Skinny Review
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6 Minutes To Skinny Review – Lose Fat in Less Time

Everybody likes to be fit. But the problem with our daily schedules like work, kids and other responsibilities make it hard to squeeze in time to get ourselves in shape.

So what if there’s a way to spend very little time and yet get the results we want, which is losing weight and fat. Needless to say it doesn’t involve running or jogging on a treadmill for an hour or doing any other long cardio activities. That’s what Craig Ballantyne’s 6 Minutes to Skinny program says it can do.

Sound too good to be true? Our review takes in inside look at this fat loss system.

What is 6 Minutes to Skinny?

The program is designed to take on fat loss, something that a lot of us have to deal with. Even if you’re in relatively good shape, you may want to get rid of some stubborn fat in specific areas. If you fall under one of these categories but don’t want to spend endless hours in the gym or running on a treadmill there’s a quicker solution.

Backed by years of scientific research, the system veers away from the traditional restrictive diets and the workout plans that make you spend hours and hours in the gym.

Instead it teaches you how to speed up your metabolism by eating the right foods. The books include food lists and also tells you which ones to avoid. There are recipes also included that will help keep your energy up while helping your body burn fat faster.

When it comes to exercise, gone are the long workout sessions. In their place are short, easy to do workouts that don’t require you to have exercise equipment or access to a gym.

Who is Craig Ballantyne?

Craig Ballantyne is a well known fitness guru who’s been featured in top fitness magazines like Men’s Health. His specialty lies in fat loss and muscle gain. He is also known for being very scientific in his approach and does a lot of research.

You’ll realize that in his programs like Turbulence Training and this one, there are a lot of scientific basis provided in the materials. The one other special information about his training technique is that he is a firm believer that you don’t need to do tons of cardio work to lose weight or fat. And there are more efficient and better ways to do this. That’s evident in this program as well as the TT system.

Inside 6 Minutes to Skinny

The system isn’t just one book but consists of a number of books and video guides. All of which contain valuable information to getting the results we’re looking for which is getting skinnier. These are the components of the program.

  1. Program Manual – this is the main book that gives us an overview and acts as guide to readers. It tells us what the program is all about and the things you should expect from it. It has a lot of different tips included inside so while it may seem like skipping through chapters and just browsing will be a faster way to get through things, it doesn’t really pay off later on since you miss some important weight loss tips and information.
  2. Video Guides – these are a set of short videos and are among the most valuable things in the package. They explain the different movements and show us how to do them. I like how he divided the videos so that each only lasts a few minutes long. They are also divided by section so you can choose which one you want to look at. For example, there’s one video for legs and buttocks, then another one that discusses how to lose fat all over the body.
  3. 7 Day Fast Start Guide – this is the quick starter guide and helps us navigate through things at the beginning. It guides us on what to eat, what to avoid to maximize weight loss. Also it tells us which videos to watch. This helps us get through the first week, so no guessing on our part is needed, just follow the steps laid out.
  4. Recipe Book – this contains the different healthy recipes we can use. There are even fat loss shake recipes included. This works in tandem with the Nutrition Guide. Also included are some morning metabolic recipes that are designed to help our bodies burn more fat.
  5. Nutrition Guide – this guide includes diet information, snack tips and other guidelines on how to make modifications to our lifestyle. They aren’t like other diet or weight loss guides that are very restricting, nor is there a need to make major changes in your current lifestyle. The food guide also has instructions on how to easily prepare meals for yourself as well as the family.

My Review

What I Wasn’t a Fan of

  • The way Craig Ballantyne sets all the things down makes it sound very simple, maybe too simple. This can make some people will slack off or not take it seriously.

What I Like About the Program

  • It works. I think with diet and weight loss programs, that’s the main goal, and this one gets the job done, through differently from your traditional diet systems.
  • It is easy and simple to follow. There are no complicated diet rules or special foods to eat. There is also no complex training program that one needs to learn.
  • Very short amount of time needed. For anyone who has a busy lifestyle and very little time to spare, this is a big factor. The exercise movements as well as the recipes don’t take long to do. And you don’t spend hours in the gym.
  • No need to make major changes in lifestyle. Because the time spent on the workouts aren’t much. They are easy to insert into one’s regular schedule.
  • No need to buy or have exercise equipment. This means you don’t have to get any equipment or membership to a gym. This makes things easy since you can do everything at home.


This review looks at a unique weight loss system that does not rely on traditional cardio or the lengthy exercise sessions. It makes small but effective changes in our eating and training to make them efficiently teach our bodies how to burn fat better. With a few minutes a day it is able to bring fat loss results to anyone.

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