Truth Fat Burning Foods Review
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Truth About Fat Burning Foods Review – Eat Right to Lose Weight

Fat Burning Foods book
Fat Burning Foods book

When we get to the grocery store or supermarket, we are bombarded with a large selection of differen types of foods, brands and packaging. So what influences your decision to choose one over the other and do you spend time in figuring out what you get your family?

We all choose what we eat based on different things. For some it’s price, for others it’s packaging. Some only go for things they’ve tried in the past or something that they grew up eating. The question really is, do we know what we’re eating and it is healthy for our families. Or are those things making us fat.

This is that Nick Pineault, a self-proclaimed Food Detective has gone out of his way to research and understand. And he documents everything he’s learned in his set of books called the Truth About Fat Burning Foods. Anabolic cooking review

What is the Truth About Fat Burning Foods?

Our review has looked into the books thoroughly and what they give us is a concise set of information that is backed by scientific proof. The program’s main goal to to teach us how to improve almost all aspects of our diet by telling us which foods from each group we should and shouldn’t be eating.

In the books Nick explains which foods help us lose weight, and therefore we should include in our diets if we wish to lose the extra fat. They also include which foods and ingredients to stay away from as these are unhealthy for us.

When we say set of books, we mean 8 books in total. Seven of the eight books explain one specific food group or food related area that we commonly include in our day to day meals.

In brief, reading through all the books in the set gives us the knowledge to understand the different foods we eat and how our body reacts to them. It also changes the way I think and pick up things when I go to the supermarket. Metabolic cooking review

Going Inside the Package Contents

The thing I really like about this program is it is very comprehensive and also very organized. The books cover a lot of information and a lot of data if backed by science. It then splits up the books by category so you can look at one specific topic at a time. This way readers aren’t overwhelmed at any one moment by the information.

The Truth About Fat Burning Foods
The Truth About Fat Burning Foods

Here are the books included in the program.

  1. The Truth About Fat Burning Foods. If losing fat is your goal this should be the first book to read. It contains tips and ways to change how we eat to make it healthier. This is the main book of the entire set and it covers different ways we can help our body burn fat more efficiently.
  2. The Truth About Protein, Fats and Carbs. After the main book, this will be the next one to look at since these make up most of what we eat. It lists our and explains the different foods that help us lose fat and those that make us gain weight. For each, be it protein, carbs and fat, there are those the help us lost fat and those that aren’t good choices and the book tells us which is which.
  3. The Truth About Condiments, Snacks & Seasonings. I like this topic because more often than not we aren’t aware of how much fat and unhealthy ingredients are in these. Adding the wrong things to an otherwise healthy meal or salad increases the calories. The book sifts through the artificial ingredients we need to stay away from.
  4. The Truth About Drinks. We know sodas aren’t good. And the book explains why it’s not only soda but also a lot of other juices that are stocked up in the aisles of supermarkets that we need to avoid.
  5. The Truth About Superfoods. These cover the good, healthy foods we need to incorporate or add more of in our diets. They are the healthiest of the bunch and help our bodies work better.
  6. The Truth About Your Grocery Cart. This guide helps us make a better grocery shopping list. It also guides us on how to go through the supermarket, so that we end up picking up and buying the foods that are good for us and our families.
  7. The Truth About Supplements. Because there are so many supplements available you ought to question are they all really beneficial? The book takes us through them and points out those you shouldn’t spend your hard earned money on.
  8. 4 Step Diet Fix. This is a simple guide that will help anyone improve their diet and eating habits.

My Review

Drawbacks of the Program

  • We have to take Nick Pineault’s word for it. It would be much better if he had some professional credentials like being a nutritionist or certification.

Positives of the Program

  • Knowledge of the topic. While Nick Pineault isn’t certified, I can say he’s a true Nutrition Nerd, in a good sense of the word. The book is loaded with information and a lot of data to back his claims and statements.
  • Lots of research and proof. I like the way that he includes proof when he explains things. This puts a lot of credibility to what he’s saying.
  • Very actionable. As great as the information provided is, it isn’t much use if you can take action on it. With this program, it is easy for anyone to make the changes and modifications with the information provided in the books.
  • Very comprehensive yet separated to make them easy to read. As mentioned, I like how the topics were organized. They weren’t just put all together which would have been more daunting to read though. By splitting them up readers can go through one topic at a time and absorb all the information.


Simple, easy to read and very comprehensive. The books guide us on how to improve our current diet by choosing the right foods that promote fat loss and are healthy. In the same way it points out which foods we ought to avoid because they do more harm than help. The books also have a wide topic coverage including protein, carbs, fats as well as snacks and drinks. Definitely worth every dime for anyone who wants to know what they’re eating.

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