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This Vertical Jump Bible review takes a look at one of the earliest jump training programs that is still effective today. So, if you’re looking to increase your vertical and learn to dunk, this is one of the programs that will get you there.

Even if you’re not interested in dunking (yeah right!), being able to jump higher than you already do makes you more athletic. That gives you an upper hand in almost any physical game.

I can tell you now that this program works because it has been proven by research and extensive studies that using weight training including some exercises like the back squat have been shown to improve vertical jumping height. Strength and power training are the basis of this program.

My Point of View

Before going right into the Vertical Jump Bible review, I want to share my point of view. This program works but depending on what your goals are there may be other programs that are more suited to you.

This is why I recommend the Vert Shock system or the Jump Manual program as better options if you’re looking to increase your jumping ability.


Athletes of certain sports come in certain builds. This is why Kobe Bryant’s physique looks like Michael Jordan’s, and also the reason why Nate McMillan (back when he was Portland’s coach) got angry that the trainers bulked up Greg Oden so much (we now the end effects of being too hefty did on his knees, he was also never as athletic in the NBA as he was back in college).


Short story, basketball players (like volleyball players) are built to be long, lean and athletic. You don’t want to get too bulky, unless you’re an enforcer. You may still be able to jump high but it eventually will take its toll on your knees.

The Vertical Jump Bible, because of its focus on weight lifting to improve explosiveness may end up leaving you big and bulky that may hinder your basketball playing ability and agility.

Just compare a sleek and athletic build like David Robinson’s or Russell Westbook’s (who’s a smaller version) with someone like Anthony Mason or Charles Oakley. Look them up and you’ll see who runs the floor like a gazelle and jumps out of the gym.

That’s why we prefer Adam Folker’s Vert Shock and Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual over this program. For more info, see our best jump training programs review.

What is the Vertical Jump Development Bible?

That said, the VJB still does what it promises, make you jump higher.

It is a research based program that uses information backed by experiment and science. It goes through the different important factors that helps you go up higher and breaks down the things one needs to work on to get there.

These are some of the important factors that affect how high you can leap up.

Your general overall strength and fitness. the fitter you are and more you regularly engage in sports and physical activity the better your overall muscles perform making you jump better than the guy who’s sedentary.

  • Specific jumping strength. Most of jumping comes from the lower body. So athletes whose hamstrings, glutes, calf and thigh muscles are better developed will have an advantage in terms of explosiveness and height.
  • Body composition. You don’t often see fat guys jump high do you. One exception is Charles Barkley but that’s just what he is, an anomaly. We haven’t seen a fat, 6’4” guy dominate the NBA in rebounds, run the floor and jump like him since.
  • Body Structure. This has a lot to do with genetics, however, by training you can shore up weaknesses to balance them out and improve those areas you’re already gifted in to get the results.
  • Form and Technique. A lot of people think that jumping is just about jumping over and over, but being able to jump higher has a lot to do with techniques and form. This is why high jumpers and long jumpers in the Olympics have coaches to fix their technique just like gymnasts do.

The book covers these points in depth along before going into the exercises, plyometrics and nutrition.

Who is Kelly Baggett?

Kelly Baggett is an athletic performance expert. In short, he’s expertise is to help athletes run faster, jump higher and excel in their specific sport. He does this by optimizing their fitness routines to get them stronger and more explosive.

To prove his own teachings, he used himself as the guinea pig for this jump higher training program, starting out at a very good vertical leap height of 23” and increase it all the way to an astounding 42”. So I guess we can say he’s living proof his system works.

What to Expect from the Vertical Jump Bible

With this program, beginners can expect a gain of around 6” in jump height during the first few months and up to a 12” increase in jumping ability in the first year of training.

If you’ve been working out already or are an intermediate athlete the improvement in vertical leap isn’t as much, but still comes out to a good 4 to 6 inches a year.

Of course, this is to say that you are consistent with the program, and don’t skip weeks at a time or stray away from the diet and exercises.

Customization for Your Current Fitness Level

The program is built so that you don’t have to worry if you’re just starting out or are a seasoned ball player. It has 4 different levels namely:

  • Raw Beginner – those just starting out with little experience
  • Novice – some experience
  • Intermediate – been playing for a while and have training
  • Advanced – playing for a long time with good training under their belt

For each level, the exercises are different and the focus are different. For example for raw beginners, there’s a section that focuses on jumping efficiency and muscle coordination to get you on the right track and away from developing any bad habits that may hinder your leaping ability.

This jump program focuses on weight training to strengthen the proper muscles as well as improve explosiveness. It does this by increasing your general strength as well as rate of force.

Vertical Jump Bible Review Summary

The Vertical Jump Bible by Kelly Baggett is a proven way to improve your vertical jump. He got himself up to 42” on the program following the exercises, plyometrics, nutrition and recovery listed in the pdf book.

For our part, we recommend looking into the Vert Shock program or the Jump Manual system because they are less weight lifting intensive and more geared towards ball players. If you don’t like or don’t want to use weight or buy equipment go with Vert Shock.

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