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Best Vertical Jump Program – Vertical Jump Training Programs Compared

Why bother with the best vertical jump program training? Everybody wants to be like Mike. And, jump out of the gym. The secret to jumping higher is a lot simpler than we think. The problem is figuring out how to do it.

That’s the hard part…

Like many things, there are more than one way to increase your vertical leap. But understanding the factors the determine how high one jumps and what it takes to get there are another story.

If dunking or making spectacular in-game dunks is what you want to be able to do, here are my picks for the top vertical jump training systems available today.

Best Vertical Jump Programs

Here is a chart of our top 2 jump workout picks, the Jump Manual and the Folker System Vert Shock program. The chart summarizes the features of each of the programs.

Each of the programs is described in more detail below the comparison table.

The Jump Manual

Weights + Plyometrics
12 week program
Adds 10 inches or more to vertical
$1 for 21 days to test. Free if you’re not satisfied
Can use weights (recommended) or no weights
All-around training program
Combines strength training, plyometrics and stretching
Includes nutrition program

Vert Shock System

Plyometrics (No Weights Needed)
8 week program
Gains of 9 to 16 inches in vertical jump
Workouts are under 1 hour
No weight lifting/gym equipment needed
Uses advanced plyometrics

Vert Shock System – Best Vertical Jump Program Choice

This is our top pick for the best vertical jump program. For one the Jump Manual is a 12 week program, this is much shorter. Another is the Jump Manual requires lifting weights, maybe you’re still growing or don’t have access to a gym. This makes the Vert Shock program a better option.

If these constraints apply to you. Fear not, I have a backup solution that will still let you increase your jump. It’s called the Vert Shock program. This one lasts only 8 weeks long and does not require the use of lifting weights. Instead it uses plyometrics, which is something the NBA players and other pros use too.

Users report seeing between 9 to 15 inches of increase in their vertical. This is assuming that you follow the program, eat properly and get enough rest so your muscles recover.

The Vert Shock system was developed by Adam Folker and his buddy super dunker Justin Darlington. They combined their years of basketball experience to build the system. For an in-depth review.

The Jump Manual – Vertical Jump Training Program Choice #2

My top pick if you want to increase your vertical leap is Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual. This is a comprehensive program that goes through all the things you need to do to jump higher.

What I like about it is it starts out with the science of things and explains the different factors that affect how high you jump. It then follows this up with what are the most important things to focus on to actually get improvements.

I also like it that he goes on to explain to us that it’s not only training that’s important but also the time away from training and how you take care of your nutrition.

For me, as an athlete, I particularly like that he placed these sections in the beginning so we read it. I know you’ll be tempted to go straight to the workouts but DON’T! It will be worth your time to read the first sections thoroughly. It made my training more effective knowing that eating right and staying away from the gym is just as important as the work you put in the gym.

When it comes to the workouts, the Jump Manual uses a combination of lifting weights, jump training and other agility development skills. All of which let you gain inches on your leaping ability. To learn more about the Jump Manual, see our review here. Sprained Toe Treatment 

Why Get the Best Vertical Jump Program?

The obvious answer is that it will help you jump higher.

The more important reason is that it will save you time and effort. These are tried and tested ways. And, not just by D1 athletes but also weekend warriors, high school preps and also playground enthusiasts.

So, you can be a beginner or someone with a lot of basketball experience.

By putting everything together, you don’t need to spend hours everyday working on your vertical jump just to gain 2 to 4 inches.

Instead, you’re looking at anything from 6 to 15 inches with short workout sessions.

It’s just like anything else, working smarter rather than working harder.

More About Vertical Jump Training Programs

Choosing What Fits You

When choosing the right type of training for increasing your vertical you want to consider a few things. Of course you want to get a program from someone who’s reputable and has shown to get results. There are also other obvious things to look for.

But here I’ll focus on what I believe can help you get better results.

Figure out what method they use

Like I said above, there is more than one way to jump higher. You have to see how the program does it and if you can do that too or have access to the equipment or have the time to do it.

These are the common methods:

  1. Weight training. This is very effective. It revolves around increasing the amount you can squat. By making you stronger you’ll be able to jump higher. Usually fitness and performance trainers specialize in this. These types of programs work and though many of the best vertical jump training systems use this in combination with other methods and not purely weight lifting.
  2. Jumping a lot. The older programs use this method. This means jumping lots of times daily. You end up jumping hundreds to thousands of times by the time you end the program. This works for some, not for others. But it opens you to injury risk due to overworking the joints and muscles. I don’t recommend doing these.
  3. Plyometrics. This is a more modern approach. Here you incorporate explosive jumping movements to increase your vertical leap. You put more power and explosiveness but less reps. These are very effective and are used by elite basketball players today.
  4. A combination of the above. Many use a combination of the above along with some other skills like speed drills and agility movements. They try to optimize each type so you only do as much as needed then do something else. This develops your muscles in a more balanced way.

How Long is the Program

The best vertical jump program can last from the very short 4 weeks to those that go past 6 months. You want to choose one where you know you can complete the entire program without interruption. That’s because the gains you make are not linear, meaning they come in spurts if you stop in the middle and continue from there the break time will disrupt any possible gains.


Choosing the best vertical jump program is crucial. It should fit you and shouldn’t be over complicated. I also prefer the ones that explain everything along with the science behind them like the Jump Manual. This way you know why you’re doing certain things.

Also remember, improving the vertical jump is more than just jump training. It is a full program that includes improving your nutrition, how your rest, your conditioning and body composition aside from the actual jump training. Only by having the discipline in putting effort for the entire duration of the program doing all these things together will you get the desired results.

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