who plays young gomez in wednesday

Who Plays Young Gomez in Wednesday? Meet the Rising Star Actor

Netflix’s hit series “Wednesday” has captivated viewers with its dark humor, intriguing mystery, and a cast of memorable characters. One standout, even in flashback scenes, is the young Gomez Addams. His undeniable charisma and enigmatic charm have left fans asking, “Who is that actor?” The answer: Meet the rising star, Lucius Hoyos.

Introducing Lucius Hoyos

Headshot of Lucius Hoyos
Headshot of Lucius Hoyos

Lucius Hoyos, a Canadian actor born in 2001, is the talent behind Young Gomez in “Wednesday.” Despite his young age, Hoyos has already established himself as a versatile performer, with roles in film and television. “Wednesday” is undoubtedly his breakout role, showcasing his ability to embody a beloved character with a fresh perspective. Who Plays Crowley in Rabbit Hole

Lucius Hoyos’ Journey to Wednesday

Before captivating audiences as Young Gomez, Hoyos had already begun building an impressive acting portfolio. He’s appeared in popular TV series like “Heroes Reborn” and “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay,” demonstrating his range and ability to take on diverse roles. His talent and dedication to his craft clearly paved the way for his landing the iconic role in “Wednesday.”

Embodying Young Gomez Addams

Lucius Hoyos and Jenna Ortega as young Morticia and Gomez
Lucius Hoyos and Jenna Ortega as young Morticia and Gomez

Hoyos’ portrayal of Young Gomez is nothing short of captivating. He perfectly captures the character’s signature charm, wit, and unwavering devotion to Morticia. Whether he’s sharing stolen glances with young Morticia or engaging in mischief at Nevermore Academy, Hoyos infuses every scene with a youthful energy that resonates with viewers.

One particularly memorable scene showcases Hoyos’ talent as he effortlessly switches between Gomez’s playful side and his more passionate emotions. The chemistry between him and Jenna Ortega (young Morticia) is palpable, adding depth and authenticity to their relationship.

Behind the Scenes with Lucius Hoyos

While details about Hoyos’ experience filming “Wednesday” are limited, it’s clear that he embraced the challenge of playing such an iconic character. In interviews, he has expressed his admiration for the original Gomez Addams actor, John Astin, and his excitement for bringing a new dimension to the character. Hoyos’ enthusiasm and dedication shine through in every scene, making Young Gomez a fan favorite.

What’s Next for Lucius Hoyos?

With his star on the rise thanks to “Wednesday,” Lucius Hoyos’ future in acting looks incredibly promising. While he hasn’t announced any specific projects yet, fans are eager to see what he does next. His talent, charisma, and undeniable charm make him a versatile actor who can take on a variety of roles, leaving us all excited to follow his career journey. What Movies Did Meg Foster Star In

Fan Reactions

Fans have flooded social media with praise for Hoyos’ performance as Young Gomez. His charm, talent, and undeniable chemistry with Jenna Ortega have made him a breakout star of the series. Many viewers are already calling for more flashback scenes featuring this dynamic duo in future seasons of “Wednesday.”


Lucius Hoyos’ portrayal of Young Gomez Addams in “Wednesday” is a testament to his talent and potential as an actor. He’s brought new life to a beloved character, captivating audiences with his charm, charisma, and undeniable acting skills. As he continues to make his mark in the entertainment industry, one thing is certain: Lucius Hoyos is a name you’ll want to remember.

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