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Sleeping in Luxury- Exploring Sealy’s Premium Mattress Collections

Are you looking to purchase a brand-new Sealy mattress but are confused about which one to purchase? You are at the right place. For nearly 130 years, Sealy has been one of the most reliable, well-known, and, most importantly, America’s number-one trusted mattress brands, offering highly targeted support and premium-level comfort. Some people believe in trying and testing mattresses of various brands to find the best one. However, Sealy is an exceptional brand that has something to cater to every taste and preference. Sealy offers the most luxurious mattresses, infused with cutting-edge technology and approved after rigorous testing for support, comfort, and quality. These mattresses can enhance your sleep experience and take you to your beautiful dream world. Now the question is what are the different types of mattresses Sealy provides? In this blog, we will talk about the Premium mattress collections of Sealy that guarantee a comfortable, supportive, and cozy sleep experience that every person craves for. 

Exploring Sealy’s Premium Mattress Collections

Being one of the most trusted and well-known mattress brands, best known for introducing Sealy Posturepedic Technology, Sealy offers a range of high-quality mattresses of different prices, features, technology, support, benefits, etc. As each one of you has different mattress requirements, it’s crucial to choose the one that fits your sleep style, medical problems, level of support and comfort, etc. Check out Sealy’s Premium mattress collections:

Sealy Hybrid

Sealy Hybrid is one of the most reliable and supportive mattresses with stable support of innerspring coils along with the contouring comfort of breathable memory foam or latex. It features responsive coils, moisture-blocking technology, additional trusted edge-to-edge support, breathable, antibacterial cover, minimal motion transfer, and a cool-to-the-touch surface that ensures providing utmost comfort and support to the body while sleeping. Most importantly, the Sealy mattress is ideal for all sleeping positions, so no matter whether you’re a back, side, stomach, or combination sleeper, you can go for this mattress. 

Sealy Hybrid Premium

This is just a premium version of the Sealy Hybrid mattress, which features a 14.5 profile of two layers. This Hybrid premium mattress has two layers: memory foam on top and pocketed coils underneath. The materials in this mattress are of a higher level compared to the general Sealy hybrid. With enhanced cooling in the memory foam, Tempurpedic technology in the support coils, soft and cool cover, advanced memory foam comfort layer, and bouncy support layer, Sealy Hybrid Premium offers advanced level comfort, temperature regulation, and reduced motion transfer. Commercial Kitchens

Sealy Posturepedic

Sealy Posturepedic mattresses were developed by orthopedic specialists after orthopedic research and rigorous testing to ensure that they provide the best support to the body. The mattress features a pressure-relieving comfort system and improved back support, allowing your spine to remain in its natural posture when sleeping, resulting in less pain, muscle stress, and strain. It offers various benefits like support, comfort, spinal alignment, reduced motion transfer, cooling comfort, ideal edge support, back pain relief, etc. 

Posturepedic Plus

Posturepedic Plus is Sealy’s luxury collection that includes the best features of premium innerspring with memory foam components that allow you to enjoy the best sleeping experience. The increasing comfort layers, exceptional pressure relief, and meticulously crafted coils conform your body to its natural shape while supporting every part of it. Its features include pocket springs, edge support, lumbar foam, adjustable base compatibility, mattress covers, etc. Moreover, it’s an excellent option for hot sleepers as the mattress has a cooling cover that includes spun, cool-to-the-touch fibers that provide a cooling effect by releasing trapped heat. 

The FlexGrid Line

The FlexGrid line is a breakthrough evolution in the mattress world as it features the exclusive HexGel material, which is a hyper-elastic polymer. It has a pressure-relieving gel grid that provides a cool and comforting sleep experience while reducing motion transfer. It has a stretch quality when pressure is applied, which means it provides complete contour and support, making this mattress suitable for every sleeping position. It offers two designs to choose from – Memory foam and Hybrid. Memory foam is 10” thick and combines the most premium memory foam with the pressure-relieving capabilities of revolutionary HexGel technology to provide reliable comfort and quality. On the other hand, Hybrid is 12” thick with HexGel® pressure relief support that is combined with the motion-reducing support of Response Pro Encased Coils to produce a one-of-a-kind sleep experience.

Sealy Naturals

The Sealy Naturals Hybrid mattress is one of the most expensive mattresses provided by the company. There are 3 mattresses in the Sealy Naturals line, which are the company’s greenest mattresses yet with GreenGuard Gold certification for low chemical emissions. They are available in soft, firm, and medium options to cater to every firmness preference. This mattress is 13″ thick and has pocket spring units, a wool blend cover, and a layer of Dunlop latex made from rubber trees that enhance the mattress quality and your sleeping experience. The top cover is organic cotton, hemp, a little polyester, and plant-based Tencel, while the bottom layer is natural wool with moisture-wicking characteristics. 

Key Features of Sealy Mattresses Collection

Responsive Innerspring Coils: Most of the Sealy Mattresses feature responsive innerspring coils that are created to offer targeted support to different parts and pressure points of the body while sleeping. They distribute the body weight evenly, which leads to proper support and comfort. 

Multiple Firmness Options: Sealy Mattresses are available in a wide range of firmness options, including plush, medium, hard, ultra firm, etc. This makes Sealy mattresses a perfect choice for every sleeper, regardless of their firmness choice. 

Cooling Technologies: This feature makes this brand’s mattress best for hot sleepers. Sealy mattresses have advanced cooling technology due to gel-infused memory foam and breathable materials, which dissipate heat, promote better airflow, and regulate body temperature to provide a cooling effect. 

Durable and Supportive Edge System: All the Sealy Mattresses feature a durable and supportive edge system that keeps the mattress in its shape and ensures support and stability even at the edges. The end-to-end edge support can save you from falling while sitting or sleeping in the corner.

Innovative Support: Sealy has an advanced level of Posturepedic technology known for providing the best support to pressure points, relieving stress and tension, and protecting your body from pains and aches. This technology ensures that the mattress contours your body shape and distributes the weight evenly. 


Sealy is one of the best mattress brands in America, known for providing high-quality, supportive, and advanced comfort mattresses crafted with the latest technologies. We have discussed the 6 primary mattress collections offered by Sealy, along with the top features of this brand. You can select the one that caters to your preferences and fits your budget.

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