Does Ensure Help You Gain Weight

Does Ensure Help You Gain Weight?

There are many reasons for us to want to gain weight. Some people are born with very fast metabolism or are very tall so it is difficult for them to fill in their frame. For others, gaining weight is for their sport or to build muscle. And yet, others need to gain weight so that they can reach a healthier weight that’s suited for their height.

Whatever the reason may be there are a number of ways we are able to gain weight. But the one thing we need to keep in mind when trying to do so it to do it properly. After all a calorie is not a calorie. That’s to say that some calories you’re better without even it they help you gain weight, since they may cause health problems later on.

In the weight gain journey, the one an only constant is the equation, calories consumed must be greater than calories burned. Only then do we gain weight.

Learning About Ensure

I learned about Ensure the last time my dad had to go for a procedure. The procedure went well but it took a month or so before he was able to get back his full appetite. Because he couldn’t or wouldn’t eat as much as he needed to his physician recommended Ensure as a meal replacement or meal supplement. This allowed my dad to add the needed calories and nutrients he wasn’t getting because he wasn’t eating as much. Ensure also helped him gain weight he lost before and after the procedure.

What is Ensure?

Ensure is a nutrition supplement line in liquid form that we can drink to add or complement the calories we need to get to a healthier weight. It is packed in bottles and sold by packs. This makes it easy to get in even when you can’t down food, because it is in liquid form.

The drink is created by pharmaceutical firm Abbot Laboratories and it formulated for balanced nutrition, so it isn’t just a drink that’s filled with unhealthy calories. Instead, it contains a combination of protein, vitamins and minerals to provide extra calories. I guess this why the doctor recommended it.

For the most part Ensure is used by people who need to gain weight or add extra calories to what they are currently eating. It is often prescribed to individuals who are recovering from surgery, illness or other conditions where food is difficult to keep down due to loss of appetite, inability to eat solid foods or weight loss issues. HIGHEST VERTICAL JUMP IN NBA EVER

It is very convenient

One of the biggest benefits of using Ensure for my dad was the convenience. There was no formulation needed and you didn’t need to prepare anything. Just pick up a pack from the store, pull out a bottle, open the cap and drink or pour in a glass.

In dad’s case, we used it between meals. It was quite easy for him to take because they tasted good. So all you needed to do was drink it like a normal beverage. I did taste a few myself and they’re quite delicious. I’m sure Abbot labs did some testing to make sure they did so otherwise those who don’t have appetites won’t even bother drinking it.

In all there are a few number of flavors and a number of different Ensure products to choose from. The most basic flavor is vanilla, which tastes like milkshake to be honest. Then they also carried, strawberry, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and butter pecan. The vanilla and the butter pecan were our favorites so we stuck with those.

We got the Ensrure Plus which was what the doctor mentioned. It did contain the most calories of the different Ensure products at 350 calories per 8 ounce bottle.

Ensure for Weight Gain

In terms of nutritional value, the goal of taking Ensure which costs more than let’s say a soda, it the health content in them. As we all know soda gives us the calories, unfortunately they aren’t good calories which is why doctors will tell us to avoid them.

On the other hand, Ensure comes with 350 calories that provides healthy nutrition. Along with the calories for gaining weight, it also includes 24 essential vitamins and minerals as well as 13 grams for protein. For a 2000 calorie diet, the 13 grams of protein makes up 26% of the day’s protein requirements which really helps if you want to gain weight.

The protein helps maintain muscle mass so you don’t just gain fat but healthy muscle. It also prevents muscle loss. Each 8 oz. container also comes with a good amount of fat at 11 grams. While it does have a bit of saturated fat, bulk of the fat are good fats in the form of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. These include Omega 3 fatty acids that are heart healthy.

Simpe, Effective and Nutritious

If you’re looking to gain weight and can’t eat as much as you need to do so, Ensure may be a good way to supplement your current diet. Take note however that it is a nutritional supplement and is not meant to replace eating all together. So use it to add extra calories but not as a complement replacement to meals and you’ll be seeing yourself pack on the pounds gradually.

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