5 Tips to Make Family Game Night More Exciting

5 Tips to Make Family Game Night More Exciting

The best way for a family to stay together is to bond by having fun together, and game nights are an important part of that, as there are a ton of board games that appeal to all ages. However, game nights may begin to feel a little stale as the old staples keep finding their way in front, not providing enough variety, so keep reading to find out how you can make your game nights even better.

Allow For Various Options

One of the most important things you need to make sure of during family game night is that everyone’s voice is heard, especially if you have a lot of kids, and that’s because over time, as you keep playing the same games over and over, someone with a dissenting opinion who wants to play something new may feel like no one is paying attention to what they think, and this can lead to game night getting soured. To change this, make sure you implement a regular cycle, with each family member getting to pick the game all of you play at least once in the cycle, which will naturally include some variation in the activities you’re doing, too.

Find Fresh New Games

Another aspect of family game night getting stale is the fact that the best and most popular games are board games that are found in homes all over the country, and, at one point, their prevalence means that there seem to be no viable alternatives, and game nights begin to get stale. To counter this, you may have to search for some new games that all of you can play together, whether they’re party games played on a video game console, a mobile game, or something even more unique like one of the countless board or card games. 

Create Themes

If you’re planning on sticking to the classic games in your rotation, you can still breathe life into the entire activity by ensuring you’re planning entire themes around the particular game you’re playing. This can take a lot more time and effort, but it may be worth it in the long run since creating small periods in your home along with appropriate attire and costumes can be a lot of fun. A game like Monopoly lends itself well to the theme of old-time tycoons or modern businessmen, and everyone can dress up in suits to play the game, while murder mystery games have a lot of room for dressing up, too. 

Add Prizes and Challenges

Similar to the previous point, adding prizes and challenges is a great way to shake things up and introduce an entirely new aspect to the game. Having prizes like a special treat or the right to choose the restaurant everyone eats out at adds stakes to any game, and having stakes is the key ingredient that transforms a regular board game into something that everyone wants to win. Though adding stakes is the main point of introducing prizes, you can shake things up even more by making the prizes lofty, but you should make sure not to make them too valuable, as anyone who loses will feel left out. Aeonscope Video Gaming

Customize the Accessories You’re Using 

Board games are meant to be played with the whole family, but they can feel cold and indifferent in terms of their design, which is why, if you want to make them more memorable, you could opt to customize your pieces. Getting custom cards and boards for Monopoly and various other games, custom poker chips that have custom designs on them, or even printed pictures of everyone in the family, can add both levity and a personal touch that makes these games more valuable. 


Game nights are more important than people realize, especially for the youngest in the family because they’re an important tool that can be used effectively to ensure that family members have something to bond over and regularly spend time together doing. This effect is only greater if you ensure that you keep shaking things up and making them more varied and fun, which will result in you having more fun playing a simple few games than you ever thought you could.  

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