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How To Return Audible Book: An Easy Guide

Have you ever purchased an Audible audiobook that you didn’t enjoy? Maybe the narrator wasn’t your cup of tea, the content wasn’t what you expected, or you simply changed your mind. Whatever the reason, Audible makes it easy to return your audiobook and get a credit back.

Here’s everything you need to know about returning an Audible book:


As you know that every brand has specific return and refund policy, the eligibility criteria is available in the following:

You can return any audiobook purchased within the last year.

You must have listened to less than 50% of the book.

The book must not be marked as “gift” or “promotional.”

How to Return an Audible Book:

1. Website:

Visit the Audible website and log in to your account.

Go to your “Purchase History.”

Find the book you want to return and click on the “Return Title” button.

Select a reason for your return.

Click “Confirm Return.”

Audible website  Purchase historyOpens in a new window

Audible website Purchase history

2. Mobile App:

Open the Audible app on your iOS or Android device.

Tap on the “Me” tab.

Select “Purchase History.”

Find the book you want to return and tap on the “More” button (three dots).

Choose “Return this title.”

Select a reason for your return.

Tap “Confirm.”

Audible app  More buttonOpens in a new window

Audible app More button

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3. Contact Customer Support:

If you’re having trouble returning your book online, you can contact Audible customer support by phone or chat.

They will be able to help you return your book and answer any questions you may have.

What Happens After You Return a Book?

Once you return a book, you will receive a credit back to your Audible account within 24 hours.

You can then use this credit to purchase any other book in the Audible store.While the process of returning an Audible book is streamlined, it’s also beneficial to understand the return policies of other retailers. Staples, a popular office supply store, typically offers a customer-friendly return policy. When it comes to returning items to Staples, customers often have a window of 14 to 30 days to return products.

Staples provides various return options, including in-store returns and online returns by mail. Refunds are generally issued to the original payment method, ensuring a hassle-free return experience for customers. For precise details on Staples returns, it’s advisable to check the specific terms and conditions provided by the retailer.

Returning a Book as a Gift:

How To Return Audible Book
How To Return Audible Book

If you received an Audible book as a gift, you can also return it for a credit.

The credit will be issued to the person who purchased the book.

To return a gift book, follow the same steps as returning a book you purchased yourself.

Additional Tips:

Before you return a book, try listening to a sample of it first. This will help you decide if you like the narrator and the content.

If you’re unsure about whether or not to return a book, you can always contact Audible customer support for help.

Remember, you can only return a book once. So, make sure you’re sure you want to return it before you do.


Returning an Audible book is a quick and easy process. By following the steps above, you can get your credit back and use it to purchase another book that you’ll enjoy.

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